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Katrina May Knight
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United States

Ford ♥ Forever

Hey all, I am "Beautiful Alaskan Winter", but you may call me Kat. I am a teenage girl residing in South-Central Alaska. I enjoy drawing both digitally and traditionally, and practice photography most regularly. I love to write original and fan fiction, and I practice 3D animation in my free time. I am sort of a 'wanna-do-it-all' type of person. A negative with that is I never get to practice too much on any one thing and hence my excuse for lacking more developed skills in those subjects. :XD:

Have a request? Just leave me a message on my page or note me and we'll talk prices!
Wanna do an art trade with me? Just comment on my page or note me!! :D

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Take "BEASHES" however you'd like, b*tc#es, beaches...Personally, I like to think of it as beasts xDD

Anywho, first 9 to comment will be featured! I'll pick my top three fave deviations of yours. But before I do the actual features, I'd like to ask a question... I was thinking about maybe doing adopts? Cars, mostly, and possibly/probably robots and the like. I would do animals, artistic skills are more made out to draw mechanical objects. xDD

Edit: Fuck it, let's just do five for everyone, three may be my lucky number, but I am having trouble picking just three... xD x33



Mist and Waylon (Mistflight and Stokestar) by LameoexpressDrifting Holler by LameoexpressA Warriors Battle Cry by LameoexpressThunderod by LameoexpressDrawing for my bff, Madison by Lameoexpress


Paris 7 by starbreeseParis 8 by starbreese Musicletters and Lovenotes 1 Fanfic of R5
Musicletters and Lovenotes 1
Megan’s POV
“So, let’s go over the scedule one last time.”my friend Matthew suggested as he gestured at the white board behind him where our names were scribbled down next to a securitypost. You see, we’re all students at an art school here in LA called Triple A which is the short form for All Around Arts academy. Our school managed to get a contract with the House of Blues that their best students (our group who is called the All-Stars) team up to do the security during concerts and events. On that way we made some extra money to support our... Arty lives.
You probably wonder why they would hire a bunch of students to do the security, right? Well... I think it has something to do with the fact that we get trained in severall diffrent fightingsports.
“Who made you the mighty and powerful boss?”Angel, who was Matt’s twinsister, asked slightly annoyed. They say that twins always support each other,
Master and student 1Fanfic of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
Master and student 1
Ethan Hunt's POV
"So what do we know?"I asked my team that existed out of William Brandt, Jane Carter and Benji Dunn. "Meet Alexei Drudanov."Benji told us while a picture appeared on his laptop. "Low life criminal until three weeks ago. Then he managed to get his hands on some nuclear weapons that were shiped out of the Sovjet Union. He now sells them to the highest bidder.".
"A threat to the world with other words."Jane remarked. "Exactly, and that's where we come in."I told them. "This evening Drudanov gives a party at his new mansion in Firenze, Italy. And guess who's names appeared on the guestlist?". "Ours."Brandt stated with a smile. I nodded. "Get your bags and don't foget your masks.". "Masks?"Jane repeated. "It's Italy."I responded. "Drudanov wanted a traditional party and what's more Italian then Venetian masks?".
That evening we got in without any problems. Jane was wearing a long dark green dress with a match
Call of the past 1
Fanfic of The Musketeers BBC
Call of the past 1
Charlie’s POV
I watched amused as Aramis put a melon on his head while a slightly tipsy Porthos aimed his gun at the said melon. It was Porthos birthday and of course that couldn’t pass without a party. “Is it really a good idea to let him do this?”D’Artagnan asked Athos who both stood next to me. “Relax.”Athos told him. “He has made this shot a hundred times before.”.
“He’s drunk now.”D’Artagnan remarked. “He never made the shot sober.”Athos informed us on which Porthos pulled the trigger and the melon exploded only a second later. The whole garrison cheered and clapped in response.
“That calls for another round of wine!”Porthos exclaimed on which he grabbed a bottle filled with the said drink and refilled the beakers of his friends. When he reached for my beaker, I quickly put my hand on top of it. “No thanks.”I told him.


2000th deviation by CynderxNeroJason again x3 by CynderxNeroMystical by CynderxNeroWho dares to wake me up? by CynderxNeroLine up by CynderxNero

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